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Katie Sayers

About me

I'm a front-end web developer in the making, currently learning the ropes at Dev-Island bootcamp. I've got a solid grasp of HTML and CSS, and I'm getting more confident every day with JavaScript and am about to dive into React.

Previously, I wore many hats in retail and service management, including owning a retail store/bar for a decade. That experience taught me the ins and outs of operations, from ordering to bookkeeping, and keeping licenses in check. Most importantly, it taught me how to learn new skills and systems on a regular basis.

Now, I'm transitioning into the world of web development, bringing my knack for problem-solving and attention to detail with me. I'm eager to craft seamless, visually appealing web experiences. Let's team up and create something amazing!

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My work

landing page project

Admin Dashboard

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This project spotlights my understanding of CSS Grid, and uses a Navbar toggle function.

form project

Odin Form Project

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A project focusing on the features of the Form Element

Calculator project


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A fully functioning calculator using JavaScript.

Etch-a-sketch project


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You can set the size of your grid between 16 and 100 on this project built with Javascript and draw like you're using an old etch-a-sketch.

final project for Conquering Responsive layouts class

CRL Final Challenge

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This was the final challenge using Flexbox in Kevin Powell's Conquering Responsive Layouts program.

rating card project from frontend mentor

Rating Card

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A Frontend Mentor project that used Javascript and an interesting challange for styling the radio buttons.